About me

Hello I’m Piero born in 1972 in Puglia Italy. My family were all butchers and I am the 4th generation in the line.

I started working with food when i was 11 years old, my father and my grandpa would bring me to their shop and would show me how to work with food and how to make charcuterie & sausages, I fondly remember the times when we would have a pig and the whole family would come together to process it and cure the meats for preservation. We would all be stand around the kitchen table with our own job to do be it slicing the meats to cubes for salami or getting buckets of sea salt for the bacons.

When i was 17 years old I left Puglia and went all around the regions of Italy working at different jobs, i called them working holidays as i would only stay for a little while, I tried to learn as much as I could while touring. I I only worked in butchers,restaurants, bakeries and pizzarias.

Later once I felt i had learnt from the italian regions i decided to move to the UK where I met my partner :). I am still working with food and butchery.

A lot of my recipes have come from my family especially my mum and grandma, we were taught to use few ingredients but make dishes which are very tasty. With my knowledge from different places I like to try and mix cultures and foods and create my own unique dishes which you can find on our website, if there is any dish you would like to see me have a go out feel free to send an email.

Thank you for watching, Caio



Cooking With An Italian

Ciao I am Piero coming all the way from Puglia Italy. I created this site to bring my love of food to all, hope you enjoy.